Avoiding Native Language Shame

     -     Nov 7th, 2019   -     Inspiration   -     0 Comments

Sadly, we live in a world steeped heavily in misunderstandings. Despite being increasingly globalized, there are still many barriers language-learners face. As a result, avoiding ridicule for speaking a minority language can be challenging. Understanding that it has as much to do with where you’re learning a language as to when you are, is the first step. This will help you better prepare for it when it happens.

When I was growing up, for example, people thought it was lame to speak another language. Nowadays, many Americans think it’s “cool”. Despite that, if you speak an unfamiliar language, one that’s rarely seen or used (such as my ethnic language, Circassian), some people will ask why you even bother, or worse, they call it “useless”. Whether or not our kids will grow up and continue to speak their native languages depends on them in the long-run.

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