Establishing a Positive Language Learning Environment

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Tetsu also knows that language-learning is as much a mindset as it is about exposure. Instead of pushing language on his kids, he makes it a fun experience full of positive reinforcement. Children don’t have the monitor filters that adults have. This allows them to more readily speak a foreign language, making mistakes more often but also learning from them.

There’s no anxiety around language-learning for children. It’s what they’re meant to do. By instilling this core value into their lessons from an early age, he helps his children feel far more at ease with foreign languages.

He also understands that a language learning environment needs to be authentic. You want to avoid stuffy, classroom-like settings, and you don’t want the process to feel like a chore. It’s not about giving your kids another subject to study. Instead, it’s about making language an everyday part of their lives. As such, it also needs to be consistent. Avoid certain “language days”, for instance. By setting up a routine and clear guidelines so your children know when to speak which language.

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